The best way to transition two flooring types

The best way to transition two flooring types

When you choose more than one material for your new floors, you'll need to join them. This is commonly known as a "transition" and is essential for a sleek and finished look.

A good transition does more than look good, though. And here are some facts about the process that could serve you well.

What is a transition strip?

A transition strip is a piece of material made of wood or plastic that connects one-floor type to another. They come in standard sizes, which are cut to fit any need you have for your floors.

Different types of strips for new floors, depending on the flooring you need to connect. For example, some strips allow you to connect any flooring from the same piece.

Transition strip materials

Metal transition strips are standard and come in options like brass and aluminum. They also offer a variety of finishes to complement any flooring type.

Wood strips are perfect for wood and wood-look flooring materials. You can match the color and pattern of various materials and looks.

Vinyl strips are affordable and work well for hard surface flooring. Our flooring company offers these when moisture control is essential in damp, humid areas of your home.

Rubber strips are often used for commercial settings and offer a protective connection. They are perfect for floors of any type.

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